Great to see you, Mark! I miss you.

I homebrewed for years until my kids got more interesting than washing buckets in the garage. bigwill is a brewer too. You'll just have to read the 134 pages for the whole story.

Sounds like you've got it ALL going on!

I had composed this wonderful, long story about my recent beerventures and then clicked the wrong button and lost the whole damn thing. I'll try again later if I have time.

One item I can submit - I've been enjoying all the beers from Okocim (Carlsberg Polska), especially the Palone. It's not nearly as sweet, alcoholic or full-bodied as a porter (especially Polish versions). Fantastically clean, and a bit fruitier than a dunkel lager. Not completely unlike a Rauchbier, but not nearly the amount of smoke flavor. Really a fantastic beer.

Long live the beer thread.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem