I really love my M22's, as a matter of fact I seem to enjoy them more each time I turn them on but I was wondering why they are so bass light from what seems to be no accidental design decision.

I was wondering why Axion didn't put a third slightly larger midwoofer type speaker and cover another 10 - 20 hz lower than the present design thereby creating the perfect full range bookshelf speaker.

As the current design sits I have to choose between listening to the wonderful mids and highs but not enough bass or adding a subbie which I did.

I think it might be bad form to discuss such things or perhaps they have been discussed way too much but I would LOVE, let's say, an 'M35' with the M22's current tweeter plus the M22's current 5.25" AND the M3's 6.5" woofer. Would that be a GREAT speaker or am I missing something - like maybe canibalizing sales from the M60?

I would buy it tomorrow. What do you think?

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