Zarak, I'm going to say "all of the above"

Scott, I've been a big fan of Trois Pistoles for quite a while. I think there are two things that set it apart from other readily available black beers. First, a very subtle use of hops. They're *there* to be certain, but only in harmonious amounts. Second, it's really a pretty light-bodied beer for something with that much flavor. You'd probably also really like the New Belgium 1554 and the Okocim Palone.

I had several glasses of a delicious local IPA from Harmon Brewing this weekend. Grassy and resiny. I also had the distinct pleasure of tasting Rogue 10,000 Brew (big commemorative IPA; it tasted like more than 60 IBU, but I think that's because the finishing hops were huge).

I'd be remiss if I didn't also document my opportunity to taste a 2005 Epic Ale from Portland's Roots Organic Brewing. One of only 100 bottles produced, it had aged very well. Big and alcoholic, with just a tinge of sherry. Very complex hop profile. I think it's probably better than the Unibroue Edition beers. Or maybe I'm just saying that to irritate Ken. Clearly, one of the ten best beers I've had.
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