This next week should be pretty busy for me setting up new toys. The X1, VP-50 and my new screen should all show up at about the same time. I think I’ll do some comparisons just for fun.

Oppo 971 with the screen I have now. (according to Secrets, this player is on par with the Denon 5910)
Oppo 970hd with the screen I have now.
The decisive winner between the two Oppo’s with the new screen and then leave it on the wall.
X1 with a SD DVD. (It is supposed to be pretty good with up-converting)
970 feeding the VP50 a HDMI 480i signal and letting the VP do its thing.
X1 with HD DVD by itself.
X1 > VP50

I just need to figure out how to take a good screen shot in the dark with my little camera. If any of you are photographers and want to give me some tips on that, that would be great.