> HD is nice, but you can't expect it to compete with
> something originally shot on film.

Yet. And yes, I realize film has the equivalent of a much greater resolution than digital so far, but I didn't think that would matter on a home theater. I'm not using an analog projector. I have a digital television. You'd think something shot digitally at the resolution my TV is capable of outputting would make more sense than film resized and converted.


There's far, far more involved in a good looking picture than resolution. In fact SMPTE recently had a test screening comparing a 2K digital projector to a 4K digital projector. It was the consensus of the room that the two were very comparable with no clear winner. (The screeners didn't know which they were seeing). In that case it was mostly the contrast which made the 2K image look as good as the 4K one. Contrast and color bit depth are as important (if not even more so) than pure resolution.
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