Hey all,

Before I get my new M60’s, I wanted to make sure I understood how to use this thing properly. The below is instructions were taken from Audioholics:


“Place the SPL Meter at the listening position at ear level with the Mic end pointed toward the ceiling. Select “C” weighting, response slow then, turn the dB dial to 70. Activate the internal pink noise generator of your Receiver and select manual test tone. Now adjust each speaker to +75 dB reference. When you are adjusting the surrounds make sure your body is not in a direct path of the speaker and make sure the house is quiet. When doing the calibration, only the test tone should be heard (A/C, ceiling fans, ect. should be turned off). I like to adjust the subwoofer level to + 80dB for wow effect. Your taste may vary.”

What I don’t understand is the +75dB. My receiver (Pioneer ELITE) only goes to +12. What am I missing?


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