I'm totaly lost trying to make sense of sub calibration.Using the auto on my Boston 120 the settings are right on with Sound and Vision's test disc using the rat shack spl.However the reciever always maxxes the sub to +15 no matter the gain-EP350.One article says set the reciever to -10,another to +10????????? then use the spl.My understanding is 0 on the recievers level settings is actually adjusted to -10 or not?????.The recievers test tone maxxes the needle no matter the sub gain setting,however using S+V calibration disk for subs,left main-sub,I can set them both to 75db but the 350 is set in the area of 6:30-7:00. I've been browsing the web and its all mumbo-jumbo and conflicting opinions so I am hoping a fellow 350 owner can offer some advice,Thanks.
Boston AVR7120