Well, it wasn't last night, but last week we saw Césaria Évora. She was wonderful!

What a coincidence,I saw her this past weekend at the WolfTrap VA. It was indeed wonderful.
It’s funny how I discover her, about 3 or 4 years ago I was at the ‘new released ’ DVD music area at Borders and saw Cesaria’s DVD. I had no idea who she was, by her looks I thought she was a Jazz/blues singer so I put it in my basket. When my wife and I first watched the concert I was at first taken aback by the music, didn’t really like it, especially the alto sax, not really my fav instrument. I did find interesting and odd how the music sounded very similar to folk music from Puerto Rico (I’m from PR), two colonies that never shared cultures, at least, not directly. Anyway, we listened to the whole concert and my wife loved it. I thought it was ok but I was not crazy about it. My wife kept requesting the concert every time we had a wine&cheese nights so eventually I learned to like it. Her vocals are excellent; it’s just the music, maybe the performers, that is just ok.
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