... Scranton, Pa.

Say hi to the guys at Dundler-Mifflin for me!


As great a drummer as he is, he may even be a better writer, and an incredibly interesting person.

He certainly is. He's apparently rebounded OK from the deaths of his wife and daughter a few years ago. I think he is remarried, as he dedicates his work to a lady whose name escapes me.

I was wondering how he would look/appear at the concert. As usual, he was pretty stoic. Sometimes in the past, though, he'd smile and joke back behind the kit, but I didn't see a single smile this year. Then, after the encore was over, he got up, waved for 1-2 seconds, then quickly jogged off stage. "Exit Stage Left" indeed! He was out of there before Alex or Geddy had moved. Maybe I read too much into things. Maybe he's got a hot new wife backstage.

I forgot to post how impressed I was with the amount of original video there was at this show. In addition to the usual backgrounds playing through the songs, there was a lot of new animated content, and two nice short films introducing each set. Funny stuff. And in addition to the South Park kids, some famous hosers from back in the day introduced "The Larger Bowl". Rush certainly pulled out all of the stops for this one.
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