I saw RUSH on Friday night in Scranton, Pa. They are the ultimate professionals; excellent show as expected with some nice special effects as well. With all of the talk surrounding Neil Peart's drumming skills (and he is simply amazing, great drum solo in the second half of the show) I never fully appreciated how good Geddy Lee's bass playing is. He was awesome, and contrary to a couple of comments regarding his voice not reaching some of the high stuff in the Virginia show, his vocals were outstanding Friday night. Maybe he just had an off night in Virginia. I don't want to get too detailed about the show so as not to spoil it for those of you still looking forward to seeing them during this tour. Suffice to say you will not be disappointed.

My only gripe was with the venue. The infrastructure getting into the site is not meant for moving that many cars. Once you get off of the highway (which took awhile because of the back up) you have to travel over several local streets which were completely grid locked. It took us so long to get in that we missed the first couple of songs, and of course the video intro. Anyone going to a show at Montage Mountain in Scranton should make sure they get there really early. Oh well, at least it was a beautiful evening and a great show once we got settled.