I recently bought M60s and I am running them with an ONKYO recvr.

I am using the Monster Bi-wired cable. This is how my connection looks:

I am B-wiring it on the speakers side.
The first cable will run from recvr Speaker(A) Left to the Left Speaker (which will be B-wired)

The second cable will run from recvr Speaker(B) Right to the Right Speaker (which will be B-wired).

A-Left-Recvr ----< Left Speaker
B-Right-Recvr ----< Right Speaker

And I have removed the jumpers. I have noticed that if I bi-wire the speakers my sorround sound is getting really messed up.

My questions is can I biwire M60's?? Why do I have to sets of binding post if I cannot bi-wire them? Is it only bi-ampable but not bi-wirable????

Advice please.....