Really, Rick; it's not that far at that.(not like Ill.!) Remember though; I have a suckier listening room than even Mark, so the speakers are not showcased to their best!

When I try to listen seriously I gotta throw pillows around, and move my chair forward about two feet and to the right one more. Not only that; but the Wife likes the speakers in their CABINETS!! And on top of that, she won't let me rip out the fireplace that deflects sounds all over the place! That's why I discovered headphones; to make up for the loss. \:\(

But naw; the weather here's not all that bad at that. We have an average in the summer of 88-90, where when we lived up north it wasn't unusual to hit in the low 100s quite often, and to me, that was really HOT!

And this summer so far we haven't even had ONE Hurricane! \:D

....let's not even think of '04.

We had been living in Palm Bay up until '04 when we decided our little retirement home was too small for the four new Grandkids we were given and had to move into a larger house up here outside Melbourne/Au Gallie, and we actually got worse weather than expected....although not near as bad as you did in Vero!

But yup; just up the road a piece!