Prior to getting to my question, I've owned Axiom's M3ti's for little less than 2 years. I use them as mains on a 6.1, Celstion F35C center, Polk surrounds and a BIC V1220 sub round out the speakers, all driven by a Denon AVR-1906. I have pondered upgrading to the M22's but just cannot go through with parting with the M3's. They are that good. It's like trying to stop smoking. The thought our not having it around anymore is terrifying. Now to the question: My DVD/SACD/CD/DVD AUDIO is a Yamaha DVD C750. On all DVD's that I play there are vertical, 1" lines that will crawl from left to right on the TV screen. This problem pops in and out during viewing. I initially thought it was an isolated DVD but it happens on all DVD's I run. I'm thinking it maybe the S Video Cable but I don't want to change it out until I've investigated and isolated the problem. Hopefully there is a simple fix. Due to the fact that is occurs on all DVD's it's probably is not the player. Can anyone help?
M22V3/M3ti/M2V3/Omega Super 5/Aperion 5C/OutlawLFM1+Sub/Denon AVR1906/YamDVDC750/AS AMP110