I bought an SPL meter at lunch today and went and verified my audessey settings.

All speakers were at 75 db with the excepetion of my right surround. I lowered it half a decibel in the denon to acheive a 75 db reading on the spl meter.

The sub was set at 9 o'clock during the auto set up (and it still is)and the denon set it to -12db. With these settings the spl meter read between 75 and 77 db (it was fluctuating).

I feel better about the channel level calibrations that the denon produced (and the distances were spot on too.) But I still think I want to experiment with crossovers for the mains.

Right now the settings are how the denon put them- the surrounds are set to small with crossover at 80, the center is set to small with crossover at 40, and the mains are set to large.

The sub is set to LFE+main with the 'crossover' at 60 hz.

For 98% of my music the bass level is perfect at -12. When I want to give the sub a workout and show it off with a little rap or drum n' bass I can crank it up to -3 and man it is LOUD (and a bit boomy at that point).

However,I feel like I am missing some bass during action movies and games. I think I need to experiment with both the crossover and the sub placement. I was hoping for my couch to rumble during explosions, and right now it is not.

I need to find a good HD-DVD or DVD to test the LFE...