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However,I feel like I am missing some bass during action movies and games. I think I need to experiment with both the crossover and the sub placement. I was hoping for my couch to rumble during explosions, and right now it is not.

I need to find a good HD-DVD or DVD to test the LFE...

Keep in mind that you HD-DVD/Bluray may be at fault. My Marantz SR8001 cannot decode any HD audio. So I let XA2 and BDP1400 do the decoding (minus master audio) and shoot it out over PCM. Until recently, a but in XA2 *killed* LFE/BASS. Transformers was very weak. I fixed the XA2's config and the bass came back.

So keep in mind that all may be well with your setup, but the players may not be keeping up.
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