Has anyone read the feature question from this month Axiom s Newsletter email?
Pretty darn funny. \:\) ...wonder if it was an actual question.

Hope I'm not braking any rules by copy/pasting this here.

Q. Dear Resident Expert,
My husband just asked me if he could spend $4,000 to get some special new digital amplifier for his home theater system from you guys. So if youre the big expert, what am I going to hear from this new amplifier? Why isnt his old, ugly, heavy amplifier hes had for years good enough? Four grand, after all, is a lot of swag and I want new granite counters in my kitchen.
-- Catherine C.

A. Dear Catherine C.,
Loosen those purse strings! Youre no doubt referring to Axioms new A1400-8 digital multi-channel power amplifier. Certainly on the surface it seems like a lot of money to spend on a metal box that amplifies the audio signals, something your husbands old analog amplifier already accomplishes.

But the truth is, honey, he's only thinking of you. Just like you have a better eye for color, you also have a better ear for distortion. The fact is that with Class A/B analog amplifiers like your husbands old one, the harder the amplifier is working, the more likely it is that distortion is gradually increasing. So if you are listening at fairly loud levels (you know how he likes things much louder than you care for), you can bet that his old analog amps distortion curve is rising to levels that with big dynamic swings introduce a kind of edgy hardness (thats the phrase I like to use) to the sound quality. (Thats when you want to leave the room, because, being a woman, youre more likely to hear this unnatural sound quality before your husband does. Its genetic.) All of that is happening before your husbands amplifier actually clips and grossly distorts the audio signals.

In marked contrast, the reason the A1400-8 is getting such tributes (one owner even suggested it was Tom's Gift to Creation) is that its dynamic capability, coupled with its speed and accuracy, assigns huge amounts of power at any instant to whichever channels require it most, so that distortion simply never becomes audible. Big dynamic peaks in music that may require hundreds of watts are easily met with aplomb and grace because the audio output signals never clip. The A1400 will simply get as loud as it will go and go no louder. It wont distort in a gradual fashion the way analog devices do, getting edgy and harder as an old amplifier nears its limits.

If all that doesn't convince you, I implore you to consider your carbon footprint! Old fashioned Class A/B amps are power pigs but the A1400-8 Digital Amplifier is as green as your neighbour's garden. At close to full output the A1400-8 is around 95% efficient, versus 50-60% efficiency for an analogue Class A/B amplifier.

I hope that explains why you need the A1400-8 even more than your husband. Youll experience what Im talking about when the A1400-8 arrives at your front door. After all, you can only look at granite counters, right?
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