I haven’t followed this thread as I usually don’t call to concerts, well unless they’re really good like this one .

Master of Ceremony
Eugene Levy

Guest Performances
Wyclef Jean
Norah Jones
Burton Cummings
Robin Williams
Sir Elton John

Commitment Presenters
John Travolta
Tom Cruise

Let me first say, it was truly generous of the person to invite me and provide me with the ticket. There would be no other way that I would be able to afford to go to something like this.

A quick rundown on the night since I lost my initial write up.

Always, always make sure to read everything in a package you receive. No matter how excited you are or how much you rush, make sure to slow down and read. I say this as we got to the event in plenty of time but apparently missed out on the meet and greet before the festivities started. When I found this out I was pretty upset, but I was able to get up right beside former President Clinton as he was 2 tables away. One of the persons I attended the dinner with was able to meet Bill while I was up there, but I did not try very hard myself as his security was really straining under the amount of people. Also, pretty much everyone else there had shelled out big bucks to be there and were also making large donations to the initiative.

Norah Jones was sitting a table away and looked excellent. She seemed to be there with 3-4 people, one of which must have been her boyfriend/husband due to the way she looked at him…lucky guy. I was able to “have” a drink with her at an after party. I was having my drink and she walked up beside me where I simple turned and smiled. I didn’t want to say any of the standard complimentary things so I left her be with her friends and stole the odd glance. Eugene Levy was also there and I was beside him at the bar where he was talking so someone intently and also seemed to have his brother there. I say this as the guy looked very similar to him.

Apparently Robin Williams was at the after party as well, but I unfortunately did not see him. I did however have him walk right past my table during the evening while he was being rushed to his table after his set. A quick wave and Hi to people as he went by. He is a quality entertainer and rocked the house as expected. One of the best parts of the night was the delay in setting up Elton John for the final performance. Bill Clinton was on stage with Eugene Levy and they covered some material and then went to improv. Bill had a good couple quips and such but Eugene ran out of stuff quick. Out comes Robin to save the day.. Eugene sees this and says “Robin, where have you been for the last 10 minutes?” and Robin replies “Watching you die…”

All the performers were amazing but my favorites were definitely Burton Cummings and Elton John. Elton was up on stage just with his piano and the guy is just incredible. I don’t know his music that well, but he made each song original by changing or extending some parts, very moving the guy just has it.

I finally got home at around 3:45am utterly exhausted and gave my wife a rundown of the evening. I was able to get about an hour’s sleep before having to bring my in-laws to the airport. When I got back another 4 hours sleep before getting up to go to another fundraiser, a luncheon for MS. Another great event and something more my speed and at my level, I easily paid for these tickets at $30 a pop unlike the night before which were $30,000 a pop at my table!
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