I just listened to Segovia's "The Segovia Collection" 4 disc box set. My jaw has dropped and I need bandaids for my chin.

I really prefer violin or cello music, and I have read and heard that David Russell and Jason Vieux are better than Segovia. Sharon Isbin also seems to make it to the favorites list of many listeners.

But this set is stupendous through my M22s (with QS4s and a Hsu stf-1 sub). Especially disc 2! It doesn't sound quite as good through my Sennheiser 595s - but I need an amp to see what they can really do.

On another "note" I just ordered the TMBG two dvd/cd collections. Thanks for the tip.

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M22s, QS4s, M2 center, Hsu stf-1.