I agree that people should "keep it simple". I am decresing calories, but that doesn't mean that I just eat candy bars or scoops of lard. I've been really looking at the mix of carbs, proteins, fats, etc. I've been eating healthier for all of my meals, and drinking water. I used to have a 22oz pop in the morning, another around lunch time, and then milk or water at night. Now, I am 44 ounces less on the pop, and no more "monster" glasses of milk at night. Instead of fast food lunches or hitting the local Chinese buffet, I am a 2 tuna or chicken sandwich guy on 45 calorie per slice bread with my 1 spoon of Miracle Whip (I hate mayonase anyway). Breakfast is no longer a couple of donuts or some other breakfast sandwhich from the conveinience store a block from my office, but it something from home with similar characteristics as my lunch, in fact some times it is another tuna or chicken sandwhich. Then I have a mid afternoon sandwhich again (lots of sandwhiches).

One sandwhich is 195 calories and when it is the tuna, I get my Omega 3's as well. Sure, I could have something else, but this is a step in the right direction I think.

No more fast food dinner either. That used to be what I did about 3 nights a week because our family is so busy running around everywhere, we rarely have sit down meals. Now, I opt for something a little better.

I am only a couple of weeks into this, and I need to come up with some more ideas for daily lunches and snacks.

What are some things that others are doing for their foods that are quick and easy to make and take to work?

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