Mike, I'm very impressed you stuck with it for so long!

Your diet has a very familiar ring to it when I was actually trying to get back into shape, and you and I are about the same size I'm 5'11. When I was much younger I used to eat everything under the sun, I tried one day to figure out how many calories I used to eat and it worked out to be anywhere from 7000 - 9000 calories and I had a very hard time making any gains at the time. Unfortunately I continued eating that way after I stopped my workouts due nagging injuries and work demands. You can sure pile on the pounds much easier at my age with out the work outs, and its so true, you are what you eat.

I usually take salads and chicken breast for lunches, with lots of carrot sticks and celery for nibbles. One trick I found is if you are out at fast food restaurants is to order a grilled chicken breast sandwich and just don't eat the bun.

One more factor we haven't touched on is a good nights sleep is also very important.

Sleep is something I don't very much of, but I wouldn't trade the time with my kids for an extra hour or 2 of sleep. The youngest will be in school full time in another year and a half, then I can start to really concentrate on the work outs and sleep routines once again.