Sorry if I misunderstood your post about 100% maximum effort and creatine use, but even rereading that post it sounds like you were advocating some advanced training techniques to people seeking to just shape up and loose weight. I also wasn’t sure others reading your post would understand the assumptions you were making which was why I put up the caution flag.

No, I’m not a doctor or lawyer, just and aircraft mechanic. I too have been in the game for awhile about 33 years now. Started in High School and then got real serious about it as a fitness instructor in the Marine Corps. The reason I’m so cautious is that a part of my job was to help rehab Marines who injured themselves by pushing their workouts to much before they were ready for it.

As for me I gave up power lifting and took up running again about 5 years ago when I quit firefighting. While lifting I tried creatine but didn’t feel it was worth it for me but I know many people who it has helped so I have nothing against it being used by experienced people who are serious about their training. Now I’m back into ultra-running (also not for the inexperienced). The only supplements I use are potassium and sodium for any runs over 50k and for shorter runs when the temperature starts hitting the 100s.

Again sorry for the misunderstanding as I too share a passion for fitness and like to see others interested in joining us.
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