After some earlier hints about a West coast gathering of the Axiom faithful, I figured it's time to start an exploratory thread to see if/when we could do this thang.

Our mission, if we choose to accept it: gather Axiomphiles from 'round the land to convene in a mutually-agreed upon location - here-to-fore assumed to be in/near Tom's house, but I guess anything's up for discussion - sometime this summer.

Tuttlefest is born of the spirit of tomtuttle, one of the Axiomites I have had the pleasure to meet. Tom (his real first name!) is a great salt-of-the-earth guy who appreciates wine beer, women, and song. Plus he is really funny, even in person, and he has a kick-ass family.

I enjoyed my time with Tom so much that I hinted at widening the next get-together into a "fest", where many of us could congregate. Hence, "Tuttlefest 2008".

As summer approaches, I though it best to throw this out now so we could all stake out the required time off from work/school/therapy/servitude.

I know this is wide open, but any thoughts?
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