Stayed home with Nathan today, as we did't have daycare. Since I was board, I dug out my 8" Dobsonian telescope I built back in my college days. Now that we live out on an acreage away from the city lights, I'm excited to see how this baby performs.

The primary 8" mirror was pretty dusty after sitting in the basement for years and years, even though I had it covered. So, had to give it a bath in luke warm distilled watter with a few drops of dove soap, followed by a rinse of distilled/90+% isop. alchohol. After dusting/cleaning off the main tube and stand, followed by collimating the primary/secondary mirrors, this baby is all ready to go.

I've even been reading up how you can modify certain webcams as they are a CCD board, to take multiple shots, followed by stacking them togethor using some freeware, to get unbelievable stills of the moon, planets, and nearby clusters, nebulae. Will research this some more.

Curious if any of you are into gazing at the heavens, it has been many many years since I've used my light cannon. \:\)
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