AKA "The Car Thread"

The new issue of Car and Driver came in the office mail, so I'm perusing it as I check the boards and wait for lunch to be delivered.

I was surprised at the outcome of their high-end performance comparo: BMW M3 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Nissan GT-R. For those of you who want to be surprised, I'll use the fancy spoiler button:

Warning, Spoiler:
The BMW got 220 points, the Nissan 206, and the Porsche 193. Based on their recent comparos, this is a 2 or 3 touchdown victory. I would have thought the Nissan to romp, or at least to fight it out with the Porsche, but, anyway ...

So I'm thinking, what will my next fun car be? I miss my 1997 BMW Z3. I would really like another convertible, but alas, with the new practice still getting up to speed, student loans, yada yada, it's probably not in the cards for a couple of years. That said, it's still fun to speculate what I'd get if I had the ready cash. In my price range, I'd consider the BMW Z4, although I only partially warmed up to their styling, or a used Boxster, or a new Mini, or a 350Z.

For 4-seaters, the Volvo C70 and BMW 3 series look good.

If price were no object, I'd get a low miles BMW Z8, my dream car.

Many of you (Dennis' recent post leaps to mind, as well as HomeDad's NSX and mdrew's various toys) have shared what automotive toys you have or would like to have. How about the rest of you? What cars get your guys' motors running?
Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.