in the vein of some of our long-winded users, but I jumped the gun responding to one of JP's posts -- where was my brain? -- and then thought deleting would remove it from the count. I though I was safe, but just like an automobile, you apparently can't unroll the post-ometer.

So here I am at 10,001 posts, and what do I have to show for it? Let me first say that I hold my previous Axiom honor in higher regard -- and that is being the best-traveled Axiom board member. I traveled a lot in my previous job and was able to take advantage of free airfare to visit some of Axiom's best and brightest: Tom (tomtuttle) in Seattle, Mike (mwc) in Dallas -- Mike met sushi, by the way -- and Jack (Ajax) in Cleveland. I've also had the pleasure of meeting Ray (Ray3) and JP, the pleasure of cohabitating with Ken (kcarlile) for many years, and with my brother Adam (adamp88) for even more years than that.

I am much more sedentary now, having moved across the country, switched jobs, and added a second child (whose picture you all know so well) to the family. Speaking of family, I'd call all of you the best internet family one could hope to have in this modern world. And now, before I start rambling incessantly -- hey, isn't how I got to 10k in the first place? -- I need to being it on home.

Every family has a mother, and all of us can thank the gracious, warm, and capable hands of our forum mother for helping set the tone of this place we all call home. I dedicate my 10,000.999th post to Amie.


Amie, if that gift you're teasing me with is a set of tickets to Axiom HQ and a job offer letter, then I accept and can start after our November elections. (I wouldn't want to leave our country in the wrong hands....)
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.