I started to post this in another thread, but I figured it could use its own topic.

I was kinda hoping to get to taking pictures of my Axiom gifts and to getting the QS8s on the wall, but this weekend went differently. On Friday night, my wife requested one kid-free weekend day, so Saturday was daddy day. I took them and the dog hiking along the Potomac at a nearby park. We found some sticks on the shore and the dog had a great time swimming and cooling off. My 2.5 year-old is already a great hiker and can tough out even some moderate inclines (up and down).

After that I dropped the dog off at home instead of subjecting her to the back of a hot car for the remainder of the day. Then the kids and I ran some errands.

To make up for the mommy-free day, Sunday was a family day. We went blueberry picking at a local farm and harvested 4.5 pounds of yumminess. Kids had a blast and probably ate about a half pound along the way, so we paid for 5 pounds. (The farm actually has a self-serve payment table with a scale and a cash box. The honor system seems to work for them.)

On the way back from that, we saw that there was a brewery festival taking place just outside of town. Tickets were $25 a head, so we decided to skip it and just buy the equivalent amount of beer -- we were fresh out, after all. \:\)

Next, my wife took my son to a birthday party and I went shopping for the beer with my daughter. We went to Cost Plus and ended up with more than I planned on getting. Two six packs, three bottles of wine -- I love the selection at Cost Plus -- some cookies, and hazelnut Torani syrup for coffee.

Ice cream was sounding good right about then so we went to Wegmans next. I decided to pick up ingredients for dinner in addition to the ice cream. Chicken thighs, plain yogurt, mango salsa, shallots, corn, and asparagus.

When we got home, I poured the mango salsa, some yogurt, and chopped shallots into a bag and tossed the thighs in there to marinade. When it was time to cook, I grilled them along with the corn (using my in the husk with olive oil, salt, and chipotle recipe). We steamed the asparagus and tossed it with salt, pepper, butter, and lemon juice. We all loved it. The chicken was good, but next time I'll add a bit of lime juice to the marinade and salt and pepper it while it's on the grill. Dessert was fresh blueberries with vanilla yogurt.

That's about all I have to report. If you're still here, I commend you. \:\)
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