Congrats on the setup! \:\) Looks awesome. Nice AV room too.

Heh. I loved that 'magic board' segment on SNL. As a CNN watcher, I found it hilarious. \:D

Not to be a downer, but...

Do let the group know if you have any problems with the M80's and that Emotiva XPA-5. Especially if it shuts down at high (>100db) volume levels.

There have been a few reports both here and in other forums that the XPA line might have problems with 4-ohm speakers, like M80's. Some of us here are very happy with our Emotiva gear, but others are not. There's another very recent thread where the poster was having major problems with an XPA-2 and a pair of M80's.

I'd just suggest that you put that XPA-5 'through the paces' if you're still in the 30-day window to return it, should it not meet your expectations.
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