As they say.....time flies! Its hard to believe, but it's been five years since I bought my Axiom M60ti speakers.
I thought this would be a good time to do another review of my experience with them.
As the unofficial, and self-proclaimed leader of the M60's Club....I feel it's my duty to do a retrospective for future M60s buyers! ;\)

Recently, I looked them over and they still look like new! I am pleased that after five years, there are no problems....the vinyl is holding up fine, there are no issues with the grills, or loose screws, rattles, hums, snap, crackles, or pops. They still sound (and look) great!
I have, over the years played a large variety of music thru them....including about every type of CD in various stages of mastering ( japan first pressings, remasters, SACD, gold discs etc.)
What I have found is that the great recordings, are also the ones that are chosen by the companies who make the remastered, or gold discs, SACD, etc. They take a recording which already sounds great and try to improve on it. As you might expect those type recordings sound fantastic on the M60s.
I have to say, I have never heard the poorer recorded CD material made to sound "worse" on the Axioms (my M60's) as some say. For me, it sounds as it was recorded, and produced.....great, good, or in some cases, not so is what it is.

These days I have my Yamah reciever settings neutral, meaning no added bass, or treble, combined with a very clean 0.002 THD.
One of the M60's biggest differences from the JBL speakers I used to own (and other lesser speakers) is the fact they "like" to play LOUD! In fact, IMO to get the best soundstage they need to play at almost "live in your living room" sound levels (not concert hall levels) The other speakers I have owned sounded pretty good, and in the JBL's case great....until they were turned up fairly high.
I honestly can't imagine anyone needing a louder speaker for listening to music in the average home. (not even the M80's 4 ohm posse ;\) )
The M60s stay clean, even at the higher levels. I was able to buy my M60s in the "classic oak" custom finish for $800 and change, back then....and even at today's prices they are a great choice.

I really think that although some split hairs about which brand, or model of speakers are the best (in this price range, and configuration) comes down to personal preference when fairly comparing apples to apples, or in this case: similar speakers to similar speakers.
In other words, when ordering these speakers without hearing them, (as most do) worries, the risk is much smaller than it may seem.
Five years later, they are still hard to beat, and I am glad I picked the Axiom M60ti. I plan to keep on enjoying them for many more years to come!


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