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85K!! what's the catch? does Rosanne bar sunbathe next door?

You guys got me on what’s going on. It did sort of remind me of that episode of the X-Files where if your street light went out some monster from the HOA came and ate you. When my realtor and I first drove up we each looked up and down the street in opposite directions and then at each other and I said “that’s creepy.” the neighborhood looked like it was ready for a Marine Corps IG inspection. No clutter or visible cars but ours and every recycle bin including for the empty bank owned houses were out and positioned exactly the same relative to the curb. I’m talking Twilight Zone/Stepford Wives creepy.

But seriously I am wondering what people think about the best way to build the false wall for the screen at the open end of the room (first picture). I’m inherently lazy so if I could just build the wall and not have to enclose the whole end of the room that would be nice but I’m worried that big doorway to the right will cause problems.

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I have been surprised by the light and acoustic control that good curtains plus "blackout" curtains provide.

Hey Zimm, thanks for the info on the blackout curtains. Do you think the curtains could be set up to stop all the light intrusion or will they need some help. I ask because in my apartment I had a total blackout DIY setup and found that the darker I got it the more annoying even the tiniest amount of light was. I didn’t know that some come with Velcro sides so I was considering both blackout blinds topped with blackout curtains to stop the light.

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