I'd like to see how others have done non-FMB ceiling mounting of their QS8's.

I have a vaulted ceiling. With the FMB's, the outside edge would touch or be very close to the ceiling, when I make spkrs. parallel to the floor.

I am looking to mount my 7.1 backs in the ceiling about 2/3's of the way from front of room. I want be able to spin them around without climbing on a ladder to undo hardware (if possible), for when I want music towards the kitchen and dining room where people usually hang out.

I just started my search and ran across this Omnimount 20.0C. This has a 3/8" threaded stud. Is QS8 insert 3/8"?

Omnimount 20.0c (20 lb cap.)

I'd love to see how others have adapted to the (non-FMB) vaulted ceiling mounting of QS8's.


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