I had a wisecrack remark about that Jay involving butt hinges and biscuit joiners but I realized I sounded too much like Larry the Cable Guy.

Other than that though, I'd enjoy a wood working thread. I'm no master craftsman so I'll think of it as taking a virtual apprenticeship.

This weekends project involves putting new shocks and a front diff skid plate on my Jeep. Oh wait, none of that involves wood.

Actually, one of my prized possessions used to be a super detailed, hand carved Jeep with painstakingly carved working leaf springs. The detail was incredible and the maker called it a 'toy' and was selling it for only 40 bucks. He must have put months into the thing. Alas, it rolled off of the shelf of our old house during Hurricane Juan and Cosmo, my trusty dog, decided he should be helpful and pick it up for me. He couldn't quiet figure out how to get his teeth around it securely so it was three chomps before he had tight and brought it over to me all proud with his tail wagging. What could I say, except, Good Dog!

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