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monster swing sets

I see a lawsuit in someones future \:o

You have no idea how appropriate your comment is. I'll cut to the chase, but suffice it say we had a Griswold Family meeting. Everyone wanted one of those big play sets. Then I got the price. "9,000 what; Ma'am, I hope you mean pesos." So, I said "I can build one even better!" I had it mapped out in my mind, but the details kill you, and I had taken for granted the amount of R&D the big boys had access to. (Not to mention skill!)

Well, flash forward post construction. Many pints of blood lost, many complaints of "the one in the picture had this, and why is this here, and SHUT UP AND START SWINGING!"

You see, my brilliant idea was that instead of paying for some place to have the kid's birthday party, I would have the party at home and offset the construction cost. That worked. But when 35 5 and 6 year olds showed up and attacked the play set, all I could think was "how do I get all these parents to sign a waiver before some one bleeds without causing a panic". I actually started making mental notes of which parents had paid enough attention that I could argue they willing accepted the risk obviously presented by the swing of death.

And in my defense, the idea of a bridge, with monkey bars on the underside along with the swings, was very sound in concept. Who could known a 5 year old is too dumb young to realize crossing the monkey bars while another dumb equally young 5 yr old is swinging, while yet another is kicking sand on them from the bridge overhead would, without a doubt, result in a collision. Shocked, I know. Who could have seen it coming.

But, it is a cool play-set! Damn it.

*No children were harmed in the making of this satirical retelling of fact, so save the calls to Social Services!*

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