When I do ribs I go with a 3-2-1 method.The night before I take the membrane off the back of the rib and cut them down to St. Louis style ribs. I then use a brown sugar based rub and refrigerate them over night covered with plastic wrap.

First 3 hours on the smoker @ 220 to 240F, spritzing with apple juice and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, a 3 to 1 mixture (apple juice to rum). After that I foil them with some of the above mixture and back on the smoker for 2 more hours. On the final stage is were I sauce them if I'm wanting them sauced, then back on the smoker for the last hour. When using this method I get really good results.

They come out like this. These were falling off the bone tender.

The smoker they were done on.


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