Further to my other post, since it was on my mind, I went and checked the subwoofer settings as well as all the channel-level settings in the ambiance/surround modes as well as in stereo, with the subwoofer on. Sub is set to 0 dB in all modes.

I'm running M22s, two QS8s, an EP500, and a different bookshelf as a center; all speakers set to Small with an 80-Hz crossover.

Here's what I found. Moving from H/K's Logic7 Music mode to DPLII Music mode, the sub level increases by about 6 dB. However, the overall level of the mains, center and surrounds also increases a couple of dB. Put another way, Logic7, compared to DPLII Music, stereo with the sub on, and dts Neo6 music mode, Logic7's level is a few dB lower. Even so, the subwoofer level in DPLII increases significantly compared to dts Neo6 or stereo with the sub on.

Still mysterious.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)