Check out the Linksys page and you can filter by N wireless and Gigabit switching.

In my personal experience I like to go with Linksys. I have had the WRT310N for the past 6 months and have not had any issues. Prior to this router I have had two D-Links and I simply find the Linksys to be more stable and user friendly. Prior to getting the Linksys WRT310N, I tried the D-Link DIR-655 because it had rave reviews everywhere. I returned it for the Linksys as some of my wireless components just wouldn't reliably connect to it. Once replaced by the Linksys everything worked. Come to think of it i don't think i've been forced to reboot it once in 6 months.

Hope that helps.
On-Wall M5HP LCR, QS8 & EP500 in 7.1