You guys ask a lot of questions.

Mark, since there's a legal presumption of innocence, anticipatory punishment(love it!)isn't permissible, so the guilty pricks are generally entitled to have bail set(state laws may deny it in capital cases or where it's shown that there's a danger to the public)to help ensure that he'll appear for trial(with the encouragement of his bail bondsman, if necessary).

Ken, where an insoluble substance, e.g., sand, is added to water, the volume of the sand plus the volume of water equals the volume of the mixture. Where a soluble substance is added to water the total volume of the resulting solution is typically but not always greater than the volume of the water alone, but less than the sum of the volume of the water plus the added substance. This is because water molecules have spaces between them and the ions of the dissolved substance can react with the water molecules to "squeeze" them closer together. If this effect is less than the volume of the added substance, the volume of the solution is increased above the pure water, but less than would result from simple addition. Some substances, e.g., sodium hydroxide, actually have such a strong "squeezing" effect that adding them to water actually results in a solution having a lower volume than that of the water alone. The sugar in your cup(after any air spaces are gone)results in a total volume increase, but a teensy-weensy bit less than just adding the liquid and sugar volumes.

Chris, when I was in college getting my chemistry degree I worked part-time as a bartender and learned that when guys came in and asked for 100ml of 50/50 pure alcohol and water(real popular)if I just mixed 50ml of each I'd give them just a 96ml drink and they'd yell that they'd been ripped off. So, the answer to your question is 960ml. Just kidding about the bartender bit, of course, but equal volumes of alcohol and water do add to about a 1.92 volume factor.

Argon(18), yeah you're a gas and your electron shells are gorgeous.

Now, my question: how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.