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One of my old health teachers said a peanut butter and banana sandwich was better than sex.

Anyone agree?

Not I. \:\/ Your old health teacher either needed a better love life or was trying very hard to convince you and your fellow classmates that premarital sex wasn't any fun. \:D ;\)

Here's my question:

I've always wondered how flight plans work. With my only "piloting experience" coming from Microsoft Flight Simulator, I've always been curious as to what the process of "filing a flight plan" involves. I bet we have pilots around here. Do you hand someone a note? Call a phone number? Mail a letter?

You hear it when plane crashes, or disappears - always about checking the flight plan. If you're a pilot, and your intent is to just go up and fly around your 'neightborhood' to do some sight-seeing, what do you file? What does it say? Who gets it? And where do they go?
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