I had my hands on a HP TouchSmart TX2 today. It's more $ than I need to suit my intended purposes (unless I want a separate laptop vs. my work one) but it had some VERY well thought out features that are worth mentioning.

Somthing I have only personally seen HP do so far: A hard button over the touchpad to turn it off when you are using a real mouse or the touch screen. Nothing worse than accidentally swiping your mouse arrow across the screen and doing God knows what while you type.

As many media centric laptops do, you can clamshell it and use the keyboard side as a base to prop it up and watch media. The neat part was that he popped an IR remote control out from the Express Card port to control your music, movies, etc.

Finally, it has a capacitive touch screen to allow for multi-touch commands but it also has an active stylus. The cool part was that when it detected you using a stylus, it turned off the capacitive sensor in the screen so that you wouldn't accidentally make things happen with the palm of your hand. SMART!!!

HP put some nice thought into this unit. I'm tempted but I'm going to wait and see what pops out of the woodwork when Windows 7 gets officially released with it's built in touch screen enhancements.
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