Toad the Wet Sprocket, Fear. I have the original CD release, the one with "AAD" on the back for Analog recording, Analog mixing, Digital mastering. As much as I am a 21st century digital boy, every time I pull this disc out I'm surprised how good it sounds, especially the second to last track, "Stories I Tell". The dynamic range is also wonderful. I can actually play the full disc on -15 dB (where most CDs released today just sound too loud above -30). There are some passages which really get rocking at that level, but things calm back down after 15 to 20 seconds.

I know this is the "Stereo" area, but since getting my new center channel speaker I've been visiting my back catalog to see what sounds good in Prologic IIx. It's magic what Prologic does with this recording. I don't know if the recording engineer was using some processing effects which altered the phase on purpose, or if it was the original mic configuration, but the surround channel usage is as full, and creatively used as some purpose-mixed 5.1 discs.

If you have this disc laying about, dust it off, and give it another listen.
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