Just watched “National Treasure 2” and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The video quality of both movies was great with a slight advantage going to “National Treasure 2” but mainly because there was more variety to show off. Also “Half-Blood Prince” is a mostly dark movie and once again I’m appreciating the shadow detail on the AE4000.

Both also have great sounding audio. They were about the same in technical quality and I didn’t hear anything to indicate demo material. However, the clear winner for me was “Half-Blood Prince” because of how the music and sound effects just blended setting the mood and not drawing your attention away from the movie.

As for entertainment value “Half-Blood Prince” wins easily. I was worried I wouldn’t care for the characters and story as much with the characters getting older but I think it’s progressing well. I’m curious how someone the same age as the characters feels about the progression of the series. OTOH “National Treasure 2” was like a connect the dots puzzle where you already know what the picture is going to be. I had to fast forward through parts of it I got so bored.

Another plus for “Half-Blood Prince” is Helena Bonham Carter shows up again. While not in many scenes, any sighting is worth the price of admission. And it looks like she’s also in the next two movies as well.
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