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Peter - your description of the Great Divide was very eloquent.

JaimeG - IPA's can vary pretty widely in how strong or how assertive they are. Since I live in Tacoma, I am partial to the Northwest varieties, but many are not going to be available to you. I do not consider either the Pyramid or the Red Hook to be representative or worthy of your time.

Deschutes always makes good beer, and their IPA is no exception.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Sierra-Nevada Torpedo IPA.

You probably get Harpoon - that's a good one, as I recall.

I am a fan of the Dogfish Head beers - but I'd start with the 60 Minute and work your way up.

I tried the Sierra Nevada Torpoedo IPA this week and while I did think that it is good, I still prefer to drink Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I have also had the Harpoon IPA recently and it was OK. I would put the Torpedo ahead of the Harpoon on my list. I have a co-worker that really likes Dogfish Head beers so I think that will be my next purchase.