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I just purchased Sennheiser's HD 555 maybe four weeks ago. Very popular at their price point. Picked up mine for $84 delivered. Break in period ongoing, initial takes; outstanding comfort, decent build quality, frequency separation very good; bass performance could be a tad better, excellent balance overall. I would not recommend them for travel or sports but that's up to you. For $84 bones, a steal... really.

Could you tell where for $84.? Can't find them anywhere for that price point.

$84 is a terrific price for the HD555 however they are open headphones and likely will not be the best option if you decide you will use them for a lot mixing. You would want something with a relatively flat respsonse and closed. Your best options for that in your price bracket IMO would be the Sony V6/7506 ( widely used in studios for mixing but some say this headphone can sound harsh, pads deteriorate over time), Shure 440 (bass light but has a very flat response in the midrange, treble) or if you want to spend a bit more cash, the AKG 271 MKII. Another thing to be aware of is that there might be comfort issues if you wear glasses with these cans.
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