First please pardon the fact that many of the movies I’ve been watching and commenting on here have been out for awhile but I made a choice not to watch a lot of them until I got the house and set up a projector and screen. I’m glad it I waited!

I just watched the Blu-ray version of “Enchanted.” Wow! Fantastic movie in all respects.

The video quality of this movie is tops. When it came out said it was “one of the finest Blu-ray images yet” and that it was “definitely reference material.” I’ve watched only about 30 Blu-rays so far but this beats all of them except “Baraka.” The picture does pretty much everything right from black levels and shadow detail to skin tones with a uniformly grain-less image throughout.

Guess what? The audio quality is just as good. Voices are clear, distinct and sibilance free. All the speakers including the subwoofer come into play at some time but nothing ever detracts from the screen action. Some very cool scenes like when an elevated train goes buy and it really sounds like there is one up there (using either the heights or the wides). Similarly when it starts raining it sounds like a downpour right in the room.

With all that then the movie had to suck. Nope, it’s great. It’s about 1/4 cartoon, 1/4 movie and about 1/2 live action cartoon. Disney does a great job bringing the cartoon world into the real world complete with musical numbers and helpful animals. Neat thing is that that the way “cartoon” world elements are worked into the real world actually makes them seem natural. And not only is it a great story the movie also pokes fun at itself and other Disney movies it takes shots at a few other classics. There are also quite a few funny lines like when the princess sighs that she doesn’t know where to find a fairy god mother and the little girl says that she has something better than a fairy god mother and pulls out daddy’s credit card.

Unless you hate Disney cartoons (musical numbers and all) then this is a must see.
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