I would like to thank you all for sharing your comments and experience. There was a lot of good information and remarks. I would love to say that it helped me make my decision but the fact is that I am even more undecised than before. I wanted the M80s, but then after reading that the M60s are very similar, I am not sure that they are worth the extra $400. The comments regarding the M22s also got me thinking...
Since I couldn't make up my mind, I decided to take a day off and go listen to them and decide for myself. I will be visiting the Axiom facility on Monday. I will be auditioning the M80s, M60s and M22s with and without a sub (EP500). I will also have the VP150 and QS8 for 5.1 listening.

I don't consider myself an audiophile (yet), but I am able to appreciate a good sounding system. Is there any advice that I can get from more experienced people? What should I focus on in order to compare them properly? Should I really pay attention to the bass response knowing that eventually I will get a sub? Is there a certain type of music that will help me hear the true capability of each speaker? Any movie that you recommend for 5.1?

Any advice or comment will be greatly appreciated.

I have been waiting for this for a while now. On Monday, I am finally getting something, that's so great !!! \:D \:D \:D
"The problem is choice..."