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Finished watching “Space Above and Beyond.” I had only caught a few episodes when it aired and finally got to finish watching from where I left off in my apartment. Despite some bad righting and not so great acting, especially the first couple episodes, I actually liked the show. Kind of had the feel of a cross between “Combat!” and “Starship Troopers.”

It’s in standard def so the video is ok though intentionally shot a little dark and muted. The Audio is also ok some surround action kicking in during battles and ship flybys. Even though it only lasted one season they did rap it up, in a bit of a hurried way, so you’re not left completely hanging.

It’s a good watch for the real Sci-Fi fan but most people probably won’t care for it.

I came into this about half way through the season and liked it enough that I was disappointed when it was not renewed. We are getting a little too close to comfort for the "tank" premise these days.
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