I'm just going to dive in here, as I'm new to the Axiom family and don't have time to go through the entire thread!

My faves vary depending on the time of year.
For the warmer weather I'm a big fan of traditional, unfiltered German Hefeweizen, Weisse, or wheat beers. You can hold the fruit, thanks! Erdringer, Weihenstephaner, and Hacker Pschorr are reasonably easy to get in Canada and my preference changes depending on my mood.
For colder weather, like what we have now in Dwight, Ontario, I prefer a good Oatmeal stout, or a nice hoppy and heady IPA. Dogfish 90 minute is one of my faves but very hard to get in Canada. I'm also starting to explore cask conditioned ale's when I'm in Toronto and I have have to say there is really something to the smoothness and depth of flavour when you stay away from the CO2.