I hope you like it too. Iíve been pretty careful about buying Blu-rays I havenít watched at least the standard def version of. The new ďStar TrekĒ movie is the only one so far. Iíve also been very picky about what Iíve upgraded. While I splurged and got a few right off the bat everything Iíve bought since then has been well discounted, movies I like watching and well reviewed for improved quality of the Blu-ray version. Iíve passed up on several movies I like just because the transfers werenít reviewed to be a significant improvement over the standard def.

Those two movies I just tried are the first Blu-rays Iíve watched in quite some time. I still mostly watch standard def since thatís what all my anime series are, but I canít complain since the Oppo upscales very well in general and superbly on animation.

Last month I loaned both my ďGundam SeedĒ series to someone and Iíve been sweating it since they are out of print.
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