Spent the previous two days playing Bioshock 2. So far itís like a more technically refined version of Bioshock but w/o the freshness of experiencing the world of Rapture for the first time.

On the plus side some things have been streamlined. While thereís still a hacking mini-game itís been made quicker though just getting rid of it would have made it even less annoying. New tools/weapons and plasmids/tonics add some variety. Both the new things and requirements of game play do make for one very interesting change which is the importance of tactics. Both preparing the battlefield and gathering allies is a very interesting spin on the simple FPS style. Ambient sounds are great and discrete sound effects are distinctive.

On the negative side Rapture has lost some of itís freshness for me. The first time seeing this world was spectacular and while itís still a visual feast itís really just more of the same. Iím really getting annoyed at listening to people talking to me. I hate the voice acting. Conceptually having a ďgod-likeĒ voice directing you along is a great idea since it doesnít pull you out of the story but Iíve never liked the voice acting nor much cared for the writing. At least I found the narrative in Bioshock interesting whereas I donít in this one. Iím also sick of the scratchy sounding music. I like the music of the period just not the gramophone like presentation.

Lots more ďbadiesĒ have guns even machine guns which means just running around knocking heads itís always easy. However, it does mean machine gun ammo is more plentiful.

Overall itís a good game so far but Iím just not drawn to it as much as I was to the original or ME2.
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