nice review grunt. I have been holding off on getting that one because i thought it might just be more of the same.

I rented Heavy Rain on the PS3 last night and played for an hour or so. I am very impressed so far. It is definitely a VERY story driven game, with many choices to make along the way. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are in a cutscene or not , so I just keep mashing down the R2 button to walk all the time...

The controls are definitely innovative to say the least. When pulling orange juice out of the fridge you have to make the appropriate right thumbstick movements to open the fridge, then press up to pick up the OJ, then shake the controller up and down to mix the juice, and then up on the thumbstick again to take a drink. When shaving in the morning you have to use the right thumbstick VERY softly and move it slowly or else you cut yourself.

I am just getting out of these "daily routines" which I think are designed to get you accustomed to the controls- and I'm getting into the story now.

I highly recommend anyone with a PS3 at least download the demo. I just rented the game since I think it can be beat in 10-12 hours or so.