Just watched The Powerpuff Girls Movie. This is soooo better than Star Trek Nemesis. Actually movie is a bit of a misnomer as it really plays like an extended version of a normal episode. Unfortunately like many 30 minute TV spots extended out itís not as tight and contains some filler. Also for some reason Netfilx only has the 1.33:1 transfer and not the 1.85:1 though they list that they do. OTOH the 5.1 soundtrack was pretty good with audio effects zipping all around the room. One thing Iíve noticed about a lot of cartoons is that they often have better surround sound than most movies.

If youíre not a PPG fan, whatís wrong with you? These girls kick butt. In the opening sequence alone they nearly lay waste to Townsville playing tag with each other and things pretty much go downhill for the people of Townsville after that. Of course they eventually save the day. The movie also makes fun of several other movies like the original Planet of the Apes and King Kong.

The animation style for PPG is a combination of 50ís Hanna Barbara and Japanese Anime. Itís nothing special but for what itís doing it works. Itís a shame this show was on Cartoon Network since if it had been on broadcast TV Iím sure itís popularity would have gone through the roof.
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